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Efficient and smooth parking management with ParkHere

The growing demand for electric mobility and limited parking space requires new solutions. ParkHere optimizes and digitalizes parking spaces and enables complex parking management efficiently. Your optimized parking spaces are used economically and intelligently with our innovative high-tech solutions.

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  • Stable and reliable
  • Modular, configurable and integrable
  • Customer-oriented
  • Turnkey, integrated SaaS solutions
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Dashboard, Corporate Parking App and Access Management from a single source


You and ParkHere - we have a mission

Watch this video to see what mobility challenges we have to overcome together and learn more about our digital solutions that can help you along the way.

Modular design

ParkHere products are expandable with smart components

Business areas

For companies, real estate and property developers

Comprehensive turnkey solutions for parking areas for corporates or real estate developers.

For companies, real estate and property developers

Parking at the workplace usually leads to stress and loss of time. The shortage of in-house employee parking spaces can cause a tense situation among employees. At the same time, the existing parking facilities are not optimally organized. The parking situation is not efficient, leads to costs, and is not environmentally friendly.




Solutions for corporates
For companies, real estate and property developers

You determine how many parking spaces must be made available when building a new property. However, in many neighborhoods, there are not enough parking spaces for residents, so parking regulations are a problem. If the owner of a property does not comply with the local parking regulations, he or she must pay a fine to the city.





Solutions for real estate developers and operators

These customers already rely on ParkHere's expertise and innovation.


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