Giesecke+Devrient relies on the ParkHere complete solution consisting of a parking lot reservation system and access management

Dissatisfied employees cost the German economy up to 103 billion euros annually. The reasons for dissatisfaction are manifold and companies are constantly challenged to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction. Benefits, home office opportunities or sabbaticals are increasingly finding their way into corporate cultures. But sometimes the devil is in the detail and employee satisfaction decreases even though the management believes they are doing everything right.
Among Germany’s managers, employee parking spaces are among the most popular benefits for their staff. But incorrect management of parking spaces can have more negative than positive consequences for employees and the company.
Too few and permanently allocated parking spaces lead to unfair treatment of employees and to stress before the actual working day, as many employees have to use public parking spaces. These are particularly scarce in urban areas. The feeling of unequal treatment and the high stress factor before each working day is often the trigger for dissatisfaction among colleagues, which in turn reduces motivation and willingness to perform and can cost the employer hard cash.
New solution concepts and intelligent systems are needed to prevent these problems from arising in the first place. The complete solution from the young Munich-based technology company ParkHere takes exactly this approach and has since been able to help various companies with intelligent parking space management.
Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is a globally active security technology group with headquarters in Munich. Innovations from G+D make the lives of billions of people in the digital and physical world safer. With its products and solutions, G+D is a market and technology leader in the fields of payment, connectivity, identities and digital infrastructures.

High vacancy rate despite high demand – The initial situation at G+D

At its Munich location, the company provides its employees with several hundred underground parking spaces. These parking spaces are partly permanently rented out, partly allocated in the morning according to the “first-come-first-serve principle”. The waiting list for one of the coveted permanently allocated parking spaces continued to grow over time. Despite the constantly high interest in parking within the company premises, the daily occupancy rate of all parking spaces was only 60% due to days of illness, vacations or out-of-town appointments. In addition, more than 200 parking spaces have been lost due to a new building, which has further aggravated the situation.
In order to remedy the problem, Giesecke + Devrient decided to change its parking management and called in ParkHere to find a solution. The aim was to introduce an easy-to-use system that could be used by over 1,000 employees.

The ParkHere complete solution as the optimal solution

After a detailed problem analysis, ParkHere implemented the “Corporate Parking System” – a complete solution consisting of app and dashboard and terminal.


Solution trio

Using the app, which the employee downloads free of charge to his or her smartphone, the employee can make parking bookings so that he or she can be sure of getting a parking space whenever they need one. To do so, he can store his license plate number and other data in the app. In addition, ParkHere implemented a digital payment module that gives employees an overview of current and past parking fees and allows them to pay directly via the app. This reduces the administrative workload of the payroll department, as these costs no longer have to be processed via the salary payment.

The dashboard serves the company as a central organization tool, through which the responsible personnel can create and manage employee accounts and booking groups. In addition, the dashboard allows the user to view information on current and past parking space utilization and to create parking space bookings for external guests, for example.

The terminal is used for access control at the entrance and exit of the parking garage and is equipped with a license plate recognition system and a QR code scanner. The camera installed in the terminal detects the license plate of the approaching vehicle with a detection rate of 98% and forwards it directly to the company’s admin platform. If the license plate of the vehicle owner is stored there, the barrier opens automatically and the employee can drive into the parking garage.

Changes in Parking Management at Giesecke+Devrient

The implementation of the Corporate Parking System brought about numerous positive changes for Giesecke+Devrient. The employees were provided with a fair, plannable and regulated parking situation. The fixed allocation of parking spaces among employees was abolished and replaced by a flexible and transparent reservation system. This led to an increase in capacity utilization from initially 60 % to regularly over 90 % as well as an improvement in employee satisfaction. This can be attributed in particular to the fact that only in rare cases can no parking space be booked at all.
Via the dashboard, the company is now able to overview the current parking space utilization at any time. In addition, Giesecke+Devrient is also able to create different booking groups – for example, employees with company cars or company cars with e-/hybrid drive or employees with small vehicles.
In order to make the commissioning of the new system as smooth as possible, ParkHere installed an on-site help desk to provide immediate first level support. This allowed initial questions to be answered immediately.

Conclusion: Trendsetter in the digitization of parking spaces

ParkHere is one of the first companies in Germany to focus on the digitalization of parking spaces and the optimization of their management systems. Companies such as Giesecke+Devrient, but also BMW, Porsche and Telefónica have recognized the problems of conventional management systems and rely on the robust complete solutions of the Munich-based technology company.
The systems are flexible and can be adapted and expanded for a wide variety of situations. In order to ensure a smooth system implementation, ParkHere has an on-site helpdesk available for questions during the start-up phase.
ParkHere’s products are designed to meet the needs of parking lot operators and users, thanks to the wealth of experience in the industry, customer orientation and continuous product improvements.