Employees are the most important resource for any company. And they should be treated accordingly. Companies often do not recognise the exact needs and then try to keep the employees happy with coffee flat rates and fruit baskets. But employees only care about one thing – getting the job done as stress-free as possible.

So what’s the point of having fruit and coffee in the house if you arrive at the office already stressed out about the parking situation? The problems here are easy to name. Many companies in urban areas do not have enough space to serve all their employees because of the lack of space. This creates the following situation: either you drive to work so early that you can still get a parking space in the designated area. Depending on your sleeping habits, this can become quite a burden. Or you don’t change your morning routine and accept the fact that you don’t have to park at the company itself, but in the nearby vicinity.


What can companies offer?

The problem mentioned above is a widespread one. Especially in large cities, where large company headquarters and locations have settled, the problems mentioned occur very frequently. Hybrid working in particular makes the calculation of parking spaces enormously difficult. Yet there are user-friendly allocation systems that give employees planning security and no longer leave them frustrated in front of a full car park.

Smart Parking makes it easier for employees to get to the office. With an app solution, they can decide whether, when and for how long they want to come into the office. With a reserved parking space, they can easily and conveniently drive to the designated spot. This way, there is never again a rude awakening in front of an overcrowded parking space. Each employee can organise their morning according to their individual needs and wishes and does not have to rush to the office due to uncoordinated parking pressure.


Fairness in parking spaces

According to a survey by kununu, a rating portal for employers, an employee parking space is one of the ten most desired benefits by employees. This shows very clearly that companies should also make a clear commitment to ensuring that they can be used to a sufficient extent. But simply renting parking spaces is not enough. The allocation of parking spaces for employees is more complex than it seems at first glance.

Staff parking also promotes equality and fairness among staff and can address the specific needs of individual staff members. However, some precautions need to be taken to ensure that all staff have an equal opportunity to park. Only through fair distribution can the company parking space become a suitable benefit for all.

Since outdated distribution systems for parking spaces in companies often lead to dissatisfaction among employees, it is important to promote fairness in parking spaces. However, there are technical solutions that can facilitate fair distribution of parking spaces and thus increase employee satisfaction.

One example is ParkHere’s easy-to-use booking system, which allows for stress-free reservation of parking spaces. With the help of a booking app, employees can quickly and easily enter their data and reserve, book and pay for a desired parking space for specific periods of time. A number plate recognition system at the entrance to the parking area records the respective vehicle and navigates it to the booked parking space via the app. This leads to a higher utilisation of all parking spaces and thus to higher profitability for the company.

In addition, charging stations for employees with electric cars can be installed to create further benefits for employees. The free or discounted charging of the electric or hybrid vehicle provides employees with an additional charging option and is also tax-free.


In summary, it can be said that employee satisfaction is of great importance for companies. One way to increase this satisfaction is to ensure a stress-free journey to the workplace, especially by providing sufficient parking spaces for all employees. Companies should therefore use innovative solutions such as smart parking and booking systems to improve the parking situation and increase employee satisfaction. Equitable distribution of parking spaces is important to promote equality and fairness. Installing charging stations for employees with electric cars can also be an additional benefit. Overall, companies should better understand the needs of their employees and take appropriate measures to increase employee satisfaction.

You can find more information on parking management in our white paper “Smart Parking“.