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Smart Parking Management

ParkHere Software and Hardware Solutions

ParkHere has developed a high-tech solution for parking space optimization of individual parking areas. For this purpose, the in-house-developed hardware and software components meet customers' needs.


Smooth Parking Management

  • Optimal allocation of parking rights

  • Flexible creation of booking groups (board of directors, visitors, etc.)


Simple reservation via Booking App

  • Dynamic parking space reservation with one app (iOS/Android)

  • In-App payment can be integrated on a daily basis


Fast and convenient authentication at the barrier

  • Entry and exit via license plate recognition and/or QR code


Functionality simply explained

In this video, you can see in detail how our software and hardware components work.

ParkHere Solution

Strong trio for optimum parking space management

The GDPR-compliant ParkHere solutions meet all the requirements of the EU data protection law. 







The ParkHere terminal - the heart of our solution - provides fast entrance and exit from parking facilities and controls the opening and closing of the barrier. An LED light strip indicates that the driver can pass. Once the driver arrives at the parking area, the terminal identifies the license plate or scan the QR-Code to enter the parking area directly. Authentication at the barrier is GDPR-compliant and meets the requirements of customers.
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Terminal Features

Data security

GDPR-compliant data processing



License plate recognition

99% license plate recognition rate



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René Langer, G+D Group

The ParkHere parking management solution is very convenient, unobtrusive and reliable. The entry with license plate recognition is very easy without using a parking card.


Corporate Parking App

Users of parking areas can reserve free parking spaces easily and conveniently via ParkHere software and app. With just a few clicks, the user can register the license plate and select the booking period. Users receive a booking confirmation and a QR code. If there is no license plate number in the booking confirmation, the QR code can be used as an emergency solution. The app assigns a specific parking space to the booker and navigates him directly to the corresponding parking space without any stress when entering. Say goodbye to exhausting search for parking spaces!
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Operating systems





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Cornelia Thaller, G+D Group

I use the ParkHere system almost every day and I am very satisfied! I also like the feature to report unauthorized parkers.



The dashboard communicates with the terminal and the and an important element of the ParkHere solution. The dashboard provides clear, real-time information on parking space occupancy and is the personal access to all data and control options. Analysis and user management functions are available there.





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ParkHere Solution

Modular. Expandable. Integrable.

ParkHere's complete solution for efficient parking management can do even more. In addition to the standard modules such as license plate recognition, visitor reservation, and numerous App features, ParkHere offers additional modules that can be added to the complete solution. ParkHere can also be easily integrated into existing systems.


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