ParkHere References



ParkHere References

Satisfied customers are our best reference

ParkHere solutions have already been successfully implemented at several locations and in various parking facilities. We accompany our customers from conception to implementation. These companies master their parking challenges with ParkHere solutions.



Enable your employees to reserve parking spaces quickly and easily within minutes, without stress or the tiresome search for parking spaces.



The Challenge

  • Fixed allocation of parking spaces among the employees.

  • A lot of vacancies in the parking garage and frustration among employees without parking spaces.

Solved with ParkHere

  • Dynamic parking space booking and allocation via App

  • Employees receive automated access to the parking garage through license plate recognition

  • High employee satisfaction since the implementation of the ParkHere system

Long-lasting customer relationship

Case Study Telefónica

Learn how Telefónica uses ParkHere to successfully optimize their parking space utilization.

Since the implementation of the ParkHere system, we have been able to achieve a very high occupancy rate and a new occupancy rate of almost 100%.

Giesecke + Devrient relies on the ParkHere complete solution consisting of a parking space reservation system and access management.



The Challenge

  • Parking spaces are not optimally utilized due to fixed allocation

  • Significant lack of parking spaces for employees

Solved with ParkHere

  • Creation of the comprehensive concept parking space optimization

  • ParkHere reservation system covers all waiting list requests

  • Billing based on actual parking space usage reduces costs for individual employees

Multiple awards confirm ParkHere's innovative strength and technological lead

"As a component of our new mobility concept for the Munich location, the ParkHere parking management solution helps us to optimize the utilization of available parking spaces. Every day we are able to meet almost the entire demand of our employees. A significant improvement compared to the past. A further added value is the comfortable app-based booking at defined booking time windows, which gives everyone equal chances to book a parking space." - Kirsten Peter, Sustainability Management at Giesecke + Devrient