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The future of mobility is electric

In the future, the number of electric vehicles will continue to increase. As a result, the topic of charging infrastructure will increasingly come into focus - this applies in particular to parking at the workplace. However, when you look at company parking areas, reality shows that there is still a lack of both the number of charging points and business cases for individual cases. ParkHere is committed to solving this challenge and supporting it with innovative electric mobility concepts and solutions.

Electric mobility solutions for your parking space
Cutting-Edge Solutions

Electric mobility solutions for your parking space

Operate your corporate e-charging stations and expand your parking space with e-mobility components. Keep full control of your e-charging stations and their reservation. Manage your charging infrastructure in a straightforward way with ParkHere solutions and make it easy for your users to use the charging infrastructure. Integrate the EV-Charging stations easily into your overall parking concept.


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Electric mobility solution



Electric store as an opportunity for your parking space
Innovative solutions

Electric store as an opportunity for your parking space

The number of new registrations of passenger cars with alternative drives in Germany in 2019 amounted to 302,530. The stock of electric vehicles on January 01, 2020 has amounted to approximately 239,000 electric cars.

Noticeably, electric mobility is gaining importance in today’s society, thus changing the requirements for corporate parking.

ParkHere thinks one step ahead and offers an innovative and user-friendly solution to enable integration of electric charging stations in your parking spaces. This allows your employees to park and charge their vehicles at the same time – without any stress.


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The ParkHere combination of EV-Charging and Parking Management



Qualified Charging Partner

Qualified Charging Partner

Together with experts and qualified partners from the industry, ParkHere develops holistic solutions adapted to your requirements.


Bundled in one app

Bundled in one app

Parking spaces that are equipped with a charging station can be easily reserved through the ParkHere Corporate Parking App. Billing for electricity is also done via the App.


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