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Your Solution for Corporate Charging

Your Solution for Corporate Charging

We offer you the right products and services for your company and fleet vehicles as well as guests and employees with e-vehicles.
– All solutions are in conformity with calibration law.


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Charge everywhere

Comfortably from home, on the road or at the company location
– avoid complicated loading processes.


Recharging at Work

Recharging at Work

Employees can recharge their service and fleet e-vehicles with the app directly at the company location. Employees and users want transparency. That’s why we make sure that your charging stations comply with calibration law.


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Charge at home

Charge at home

Employees can recharge their company e-vehicles at home. The electricity costs incurred can be easily and regularly returned to the company.


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Recharge at public stations

Recharge at public stations

Employees can also charge their company e-vehicles quickly and easily at public charging stations using the app. The companies receive a monthly invoice for all charging processes.


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In 3 easy steps to the uncomplicated loading process



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Select charging station

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Reserve charging station

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Settle costs

You decide what you need

  • 1-2 Charging stations

  • DC: 50 kW power output

  • AC: 22 kW power output

  • Connector: Typ 2 (AC)

  • LED-Status display

We have the suitable solution

  • Energy meter

  • Charging point with connected cable (DC)

  • RFID-Reader (RFID Multi)

  • Integrated MCB

  • Integrated parking system

You are not sure which is the right one for you?

We will help you!