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ParkHere Carpooling

Carpooling is a smart solution from ParkHere that allows users to easily plan trips to work together. The intelligent technology for carpooling automatically reserves parking spaces for carpool users, in order to consciously encourage carpooling.

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Parking and Charging

Reserved parking space equipped with an EV-charging station: Everything in one App.


Start address and route selection

Employees book a carpool ride via the Corporate Parking App and select a suitable route where they can pick up passengers by the shortest route.

Reservation of parking space

In the parking areas, a parking space will be automatically reserved for the carpool vehicle via the Carpool solution.


Through automatic license plate recognition or through a QR code, the carpool vehicle can enter the parking area and will be navigated to the reserved parking space.

Invoicing and cost allocation

Day-based billing per employee can easily be integrated.
Your benefits from carpooling as a company

Your benefits from carpooling as a company

To enable companies to implement a sustainable mobility concept and to change the mobility behavior of employees positively, the formation of carpools also plays an important role.
There are more than 18 million commuters in Germany who use their cars to get to work. However, 80 percent make this journey alone.

Carpools are a quick and entertaining way for employees to drive to work together. Employees with a similar commute to work can share their vehicles, which reduces the burden on parking lots and traffic on the road.
With easy reservation options and selected partners, ParkHere enables employees to find each other and drive together.

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Better together

The great combination of Carpooling and Parking Management

Employees share travel costs

Employees share travel costs

The travel costs are automatically divided among the carpool members and settled via the In-App payment.

Guaranteed parking space

Guaranteed parking space

ParkHere works with selected and professional EV-Charging providers. The solutions of our partners are compatible with the ParkHere solution.

Protect the environment

Protect the environment

By using carpools, fewer vehicles are on the road. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Incentives for carpooling also raise awareness of climate protection among employees.


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