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At ParkHere, we build on a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to find meaning in their work, support each other and develop innovative solutions for the future. We work tirelessly, but we don't forget the important things: appreciation, relaxation, and fun. This balance is important: it allows us to do the best work. The result: at ParkHere we create a place where people work together, respecting and admiring each other.

We are one team

This is what ParkHere does

We are a heterogeneous mix of more than 50 engineers, software and app developers, marketing professionals, and mobility and business development experts. We create innovative and sustainable high-tech products and solutions to make life easier for our customers.


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"I love working at ParkHere because I enjoy working with our brilliant team on our interdisciplinary and innovative products." - Dennis Schneider, Product Owner

"If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, and you give logical reasons why they will help the company, then you have the opportunity to implement them at ParkHere and develop personally at the same time." - Tom Maier, Head of Digital Business Solutions and Corporate Development

"For me, ParkHere is the team. In the team, I feel like I'm in a family, where everyone supports each other, where we communicate openly and transparently, and where we can rely on each other. At the end of the day, we are a team of entrepreneurial individuals who make vision happen." - Miguel Mejia, Head of Finance & Accounting

"I prefer to work with qualified and motivated colleagues who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve set goals. And that's exactly what I find at ParkHere" - Neven Heuberger, Senior Manager Business Development & Sales

ParkHere offers these benefits

  • Agile environment Agile environment
  • Demo days & hack events Demo days & hack events
  • Flexible working hours Flexible working hours
  • Hands-on mentality Hands-on mentality
  • Professional and personal development opportunities Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Appreciative feedback culture Appreciative feedback culture
  • Versatile high-tech product development, hardware, software and app Versatile high-tech product development, hardware, software and app
  • Team-Lunch & Fun-thly Team-Lunch & Fun-thly