Manual management of parking is expensive, inefficient and time-consuming for everybody

Outdated infrastructure

The current infrastructure provided (like gate access and identification) is mostly outdated or not designed for a cloud-based type of use by the providers and occupants.

High administration costs

The regulation of gates, payment, booking as well as reservation of single parking spots is only possible on-site. This causes high administration and operation costs.

Employee dissatisfaction

85% of the respondents are dissatisfied with the parking-situation at their workplace. They hold the company responsible for it.

ParkHere offers holistic hard- and software solutions with open interfaces

1. Finding a spot

Self-powered parking sensor

The sensor provides real-time data about the availability of parking areas. Thus your employees will quickly find a place to park.  

  • neither external power supply nor a battery is needed
  • generates the necessary energy by using the weight of the cars passing
  • simple and fast installation

2. Reservation

Self powered E-Ink sign

The sign increases the use of capacity due to its dynamic display. Welcomes guests with a personal text or or displays the license plate.


  • the sign uses E-Ink technology
  • is managed via the ParkHere dashboard
  • battery powered, due to low energy consumption

3. Administration

Dashboard and Apps

The administration of the parking area can be done from any desk.


  • Integration in existing software through the REST-Interface
  • administration of the parking area
  • receive predictions and recognize shortages

ParkHere’s solution offers advantages for everyone in the company

Company perspective

Be a pioneer with your company and increase the utilization of your parking space by holistic parking space management.

Due to an efficient usage of your parking space, one the one hand you can reduce the emission of CO2 caused by the search for parking and the costs for the manual operation on the other hand.

Administrative perspective

Raise the efficiency of your parking administration. In the dashboard you oversee the real-time use of your parking space and recognize any bottlenecks.

Furthermore you can dynamically allocate parking spots and reservations. With our help  you can decrease the chaos on the parking areas as well as the traffic, caused by people searching for parking.

Employees perspective

Your employees will immediately find a free parking space and can even reserve it in advance (optional). Employees and guests can easily access the company‘s parking lot via digital means.

Due to the simple and digital access to the parking area they don’t waste time and especially your employees are more satisfied with the parking situation at your company.