We have all experienced the annoyance of navigating through a parking garage and taking forever to find an available spot. Our system can be implemented to monitor parking garage occupancy, either for single parking spots or for parking garage levels.

With our solution, real time parking data is fed into the servers of our clients or other applications on demand. We bridge a strong connection between our clients and drivers, increasing the efficiency, profitability and quality of the services

Main Benefits

our system increases the efficiency of parking garages
significant profit growth
increase employee or customer satisfaction
less manpower required


Our system delivers the key information needed by EV charging operators to manage the occupancy of the charging spots

At the moment, operators can only record information about the state of a charging point but not about the availability of the spot itself. This problem represents a critical disadvantage for the charging infrastructure.

Main benefits:

detection of non-charging vehicles
increase occupancy of charging stations
up to 224% more revenue in average per month
increase customer satisfaction


Cruising for parking – that is driving around in search of an available spot – wastes time, burns fuel, and releases air pollutants and greenhouse gases. In many cities, this is the cause of 30% of traffic.

ParkHere offers products that aim to solve this problem. By delivering much-needed information to drivers, our system makes it so that people don’t have to blindly drive down streets hoping for an open parking spot

Main Benefits

less traffic
increase revenue
less pollution
less enforcement agents needed


Service areas are important places which promote the safety of drivers on highways. However, as they are so big and sometimes so remote, it is challenging to monitor and surveil them.

Within the different applications of our sensor technology, we have discovered a greater necessity for clear logistics of the parking lots or truck parking areas on highways.

Main Benefits

a more efficient truck parking management
the option for a feasible reservation system
increase customer satisfaction
revenue growth due to a more efficient system and additional services
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