The first self-powered parking sensor

EV charging stations

EV drivers often encounter occupied parking spots in front of charging stations. Our system can deliver information directly to EV car drivers, informing them which charging stations are not in use and have an open spot to park.

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Benefits of our solution


Less traffic cruising for parking


Increase in parking profits


Decrease in parking violations

Product features


Our system collects real-time information on parking availability and sends it to our server via mobile internet.


Completely powered by energy harvesting, our sensor technology takes advantage of the weight of a vehicle to generate an electric current. This means that no external power supply or batteries are needed.

Easy installation

Installing our sensor only takes 5 minutes with standard lane marking machinery.

Long lifetime

We design our sensors to be highly durable and often run them through tests involving several million parking cycles. Once they are embedded in pavement, our sensors last up to several decades.

Delivering real-time parking information

With our parking management system, you can easily monitor your parking assets from anywhere using ParkHere tools. These tools are easy-to-use, giving you the information to quickly respond and act with confidence. Our team will be with you every step of the way to deliver a custom-made suite of tools designed to your liking.


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